Wilma de Bruijn

General Manager, Eurapco

There’s nothing about the world of insurance that Wilma de Bruijn (the Netherlands, 1959) doesn’t know. She also knows all there is to know about the power of smart data and artificial intelligence, and is thought leader on talent development. Wilma combines something that few other top executives can, by sublimating international business expertise with talent development. She not only knows what is needed to make companies financially successful; she innovates and transforms them into high-performing enterprises by challenging, inspiring and enabling their in-house talent. Wilma has the ability to make companies as well as their professionals flourish.

Wilma is currently the General Manager of Eurapco, an alliance of leading European mutual insurance companies, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Under her leadership, this alliance has become an unrivalled centre of knowledge for all of the affiliated partners. She is talking on behalf of more than 41 million consumers, approximately 52 billion euros in Gross Written Premium, and some 66,000 employees. In an industry that is undergoing major changes, she translates the latest technological findings and consumer insights into innovative, human-centric projects. Wilma strongly believes that the latest technologies should be used to make people’s lives easier, not to entirely make humans redundant.

This belief originates from Wilma’s time with one of Europe’s largest cooperative insurers, the Netherlands-based Achmea, for whom she worked in a variety of domestic and international roles. Amongst other things, Wilma ran divisions that were responsible for leading brands such as Avero Achmea and Levob. Later, she was responsible for the awards-winning training and knowledge centre for 20,000 employees and their clients: the Achmea Academy. As an advocate of knowledge sharing as a means of enhancing and expanding the knowledge of others, Wilma frequently speaks at congresses and symposia in Europe. In particular, she focuses on ‘women and leadership’ and ‘how to inspire and motivate talented people’.