Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Chairman, Gatehouse Advisory Partners,

Jeremy Greenstock is the Chairman of the strategic advisory company, Gatehouse Advisory Partners, established in September 2010.

Born in 1943, Sir Jeremy was educated at Harrow School and Worcester College, Oxford.   His principal career was with the British Diplomatic Service, ending his career as UK Permanent Representative at the United Nations in New York (1998-2003) and then, after a suspension of his retirement, as the UK Special Envoy for Iraq (September 2003-March 2004).

After a spell as Political Counsellor in Paris (1987-90), Sir Jeremy came back to London as Director for Western and Southern Europe, the foundation for a number of years’ work on the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and in particular on the Balkans, Cyprus and Gibraltar.  He returned to Washington as Minister (Deputy Ambassador) in 1994-95, and was then brought back to London as Director General for Eastern Europe and the Middle East (1995) and then Political Director (1996-98). After chairing the European Union’s Political Committee during the UK Presidency in the first half of 1998, he moved to New York as UK Ambassador to the UN in July 1998.   As the UK’s Representative on the Security Council up to July 2003, he worked extensively on matters of peace and security in Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and South Asia, but particularly on Iraq.

Sir Jeremy left government service in March 2004 and became Director of the Ditchley Foundation (the Oxfordshire think tank promoting transatlantic dialogue, in August 2004, a position he left in August 2010.  He was a Special Adviser to the BP Group (2004-2010), a Governor of the London Business School (2005-2008), and a Non-Executive Director of De La Rue plc (2005-2013).  He now works as: Chairman of Gatehouse Advisory Partners; Chairman of Lambert Energy Advisory Ltd; Special Advisor to the NGO Forward Thinking; and as a Trustee of the International Rescue Committee (UK). Sir Jeremy also sits on the Board of Chatham House.