Nataliya Todorova

Head of Insurance, Save the Children

Nataliya started her career with a major player within the defence and national security arena. After a couple of years in the operations department, she needed a new challenge and asked for a transfer. She moved to the Insurance Department on a whim and never looked back.

The highlight of her experience there was the risk assessment and subsequent purchase of an aviation liability policy, which covered security operations at Baghdad and Kabul International Airports. The complexity of this placement inspired her to start formal studies with the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2010.

In 2011, Nataliya moved to Save the Children, where she spent the following five years and had the privilege to work as part of the team setting up the Ebola Treatment Centre operation in Sierra Leone in 2014. This was an unprecedented and fascinating project from a risk and insurance perspective.

After a short stint in the Public Sector in 2016/17, Nataliya returned to Save the Children in order to head the Insurance Department. Save the Children work in 120 of the most challenging countries in the world and this brings new challenges each day. Nataliya considers herself very lucky to have always worked in exceptional organizations, which present unique challenges.

Nataliya holds a BA in International Relations, Advanced Diploma in Insurance and was one of the 18 professionals who received the first rimap certificate through examination.