Chris Lajtha


Christopher Lajtha became an independent risk management resource in June 2005 – creating a French-based company to provide independent expert services and hands-on support to companies of all sizes.  ADAGEO offers single-source or composite expertise via an evolving network of similarly-experienced and independent risk management professionals.

Between 1993 and 2004, Chris was the Corporate Risk & Insurance Manager of the Schlumberger Group. He joined Schlumberger in 1981 and worked in various risk management roles for Schlumberger subsidiary operations, based both in Europe and North America.

After leaving University in 1977, Chris worked for Sedgwick Forbes (U.K.) Ltd as a Lloyd’s broker and with B.T.R. Industries as the acting insurance manager – both located in London.

Chris graduated from Manchester University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute [FCII] in 1981 and as an Associate in Risk Management [ARM] in 1995.

Chris has been an active member of several international risk management forums for many years and has spoken on a number of occasions at risk management conferences in Europe and North America.