Carl Leeman

Chief Risk Officer, Katoen Natie

Carl Leeman is Chief Risk Officer of Katoen Natie.

Katoen Natie is operating on a world wide level as a logistic and engineering supplier to the automotive, petrochemical, consumer goods, retail and food industry in 26 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. They have also extended stevedoring operations and are active in the conservation and storage of Art.

Worldwide Katoen Natie employs some 12.000 people and is privately owned. Carl Leeman is in charge of Risk Management within the Katoen Natie group covering more than 160 legal entities.

His responsibilities are amongst others operational contracts, legal issues, claim handling, safety, security, insurance and environmental issues. He does coordinate those on a worldwide basis.

Carl was appointed as chairman of the board of the captive reinsurer KTN Ré

Carl is vice president of Belrim (Belgian Risk Management Association) and former board member of FERMA.

He Studied at the Nautical College in Antwerp, and holds degrees in Risk Management, Marketing, Forwarding and Insurance Brokering. Before being appointed as CRO he has been active as Risk Manager, Claims Manager and surveyor.