Big data: the reality, the risks and risk management

October 17, 2017 16:00 to 17:00

The goal of this workshop is to investigate how companies can look forward at the potential of quantifying and managing risk through an innovative combination of data, analytics, and technology, and at the risks that come from data. The workshop will cover basic definitions and explain how new European legislation, particularly the General Directive on Data Protection, will have a material impact on how exposure and liability. Using our own claims data and analysis we will look at the risks we have seen, and predict future trends.

More practically the session will then highlight the questions that risk managers should be asking their businesses in order to quantify their exposure. With a clearer idea of the threats that big data can pose, we will then look at mitigation. How can a company best prepare for a data breach incident, including the need for multi-jurisdictional response plans, brand protection and the requirements for notification?

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