Cyber risk: challenges and governance

October 17, 2017 14:00 to 15:15

Data breaches and ransom attacks continue to increase, and so does the annual cost of cybercrime. Insurance programs and pre-and post-loss response services are not yet mature. Some data breaches and ransom attacks are unavoidable. It is crucial to learn from them, prepare beyond the obvious, challenge your enterprise risk management approach and insurance purchases, and stress test your readiness internally and externally.

This workshop will be interactive and practical. A real European cyber case will help us address fundamental questions, such as (a) what to do after a data breach, (b) how do you quantify, (c) how do you test the value of insurance, (d) how can you apply and share these new skill sets in your own value proposition across the corporation, and (e) what are the regulatory issues?

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