Brokers and insurers all talk about customer focus, but when it comes down to the risk transfer, who is really driving the bus – and who is not? These are the questions which FERMA board member Dirk Wegener and Global Head of Corporate Insurance for Deutsche Bank will ask participants to answer at the leadership lunch.

Annmarie Schouw, Manager Risk and Insurance for Tata Steel, will present the risk manager’s perspective. Henrik Ryden, CEO Northern Europe for JLT, is the broker and Suresh Krishnan, Head of Global Accounts Division Europe of Chubb, is the insurer.

Each speaker will have the opportunity to give his or her views and then the audience will vote. “Voting is anonymous, so people can say what they really believe,” says Dirk. “In essence, the idea is to discuss the question who actually is the leader of the risk transfer process? Is it the risk manager, the broker or the insurer as ultimate risk taker? Are you getting the coverage that you want or is insurer determining what you get and the broker is supposed to manage the gap in between?”

Leadership Lunch

October 16, 2017 from 12:30 to 14:00


Published on 09.21.17 at 12:31