Breaking bad – rethinking the insurance proposition for large corporations is the challenging title of a workshop whose aim is to find out whether insurers can respond to the changing needs of large companies in whose assets and activities are now so often intangible.

Three senior insurance industry leaders, Andreas Berger of the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty executive team, the recently appointed chief executive officer EMEA for Swiss Re Corporation Solutions, Fred Kleiterp and Zurich chief risk officer John Scott, will debate the issues under moderator Chris Lajtha of Adageo.

Ahead of the event, registered participants will receive a list of six questions about their views on the commercial insurance market and its relevance to large corporate buyers. The responses will form part of the workshop discussion. “Please be courageous and speak your mind – anonymity guaranteed, if you want it,” says Chris. “That will give us a true indication of what is important to you.”

He says the session will push the insurers to explain how they are rising to the challenge of the changing nature of their clients’ business models and activities. The risk is that traditional insurance may become less relevant to large corporate clients at a time when insurers are struggling to make good returns in a market flush with excess capital.

“How can insurers and reinsurers rise to the challenge? How can they change what they are offering and move to a better place than they find themselves now? This is what we are going to explore,” Chris explains.

Breaking Bad, rethinking the insurance proposition for large corporations, Tuesday 16 October 2017 from 14.00-15:15


Published on 08.17.17 at 10:10