The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents enormous challenges for today’s risk managers, both to understand how their companies are changing and how their own jobs may be affected. This is why Sabrina Hartusch has given the title Fourth Industrial Revolution, a blessing or a curse, to the workshop she is leading.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not limited to industrial processes but will affect our lives, societies, business and jobs,” says Sabrina who is President of SIRM and Global Head of Insurance, Triumph Holding AG. “It is not something we can just wait to come to us. As risk managers, we need to develop our problem solving and communication skills to create a strategic impact.”

For the panel, Sabrina has brought together speakers with different perspectives: a consumer association, the insurance of innovation, loss adjusting and risk management. They will challenge risk managers to consider not just what their job will be in the fourth Industrial Revolution, but how it will be done.

“There are many more questions than answers right now,” says Sabrina. She believes it is already clear, however, that some answers will come through collaboration between risk managers and innovators. To be in pole position, risk managers will need to be able to speak from both aspects in a way that makes sense to top managers.


The 4th industrial revolution, a blessing or a curse? Monday 16 October, 14.00-15.15


Published on 06.22.17 at 08:39