Interconnections and complexity

“In a world that is going through a period of profound transformation, it is not appropriate to manage risk defensively. Instead, we need to have a deep insight about risks and take that to the heart of corporate governance.” So says the President of AMRAE Brigitte Bouquot. The question for this session is, therefore: how […]

Life after BEPS

The essential value of a good captive remains the same and, if anything, it is growing despite soft insurance markets, says FERMA Secretary General Gilbert Canaméras. Gilbert will join Katoen Natie Chief Risk Officer Carl Leeman; Matthew Latham, Head of Captive Programmes for XL Catlin and Praveen Sharma, Managing Director and Global Leader of the […]

Corporates, too, suffer fake news

It is not just politicians that have to worry about fake news today, as a global coffee chain found in mid-August when it was subjected to the #borderfreecoffee hoax. It was supposedly giving free coffee to undocumented migrants, shown in ads with the company logo, signature fonts and pictures of its drinks. It was not. […]

Launch of important new report on travel risks

FERMA will launch a major report on travel risks “Workers on the Move: managing new risks” at the 2017 FERMA Forum. FERMA board member Charlotte Hedemark will lead a discussion of the findings of the report, produced in partnership with International SOS, in the session: Protecting human capital, your most important asset. Business travel is […]