“In a world that is going through a period of profound transformation, it is not appropriate to manage risk defensively. Instead, we need to have a deep insight about risks and take that to the heart of corporate governance.” So says the President of AMRAE Brigitte Bouquot. The question for this session is, therefore: how does the risk manager exercise that leadership in a world of interconnected and complex risks?

Brigitte, who is Director of Insurance and Risk Management for Thales, will tackle the subject with Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale. Inga says, “The best way to influence top management is to invest in your relationship with them – understand their priorities, present a solid business case, and have confidence in your advice and recommendations.”

What does Brigitte believe that the risk manager needs to exercise risk leadership in this challenging environment: an inquiring mind, good relationships and hard work that produces in-depth analyses combined with an ability to communicate the results for the understanding of others.

Inga adds, “A leader is someone with courage who provides a vision – something to aim for – and inspires and motivates their own team and also colleagues and industry peers. A boss simply manages a team to get the job done.”

Leadership in a world of interconnected and complex risks, Monday, 16 October 2017, from 11:30 to 12:30

Published on 08.31.17 at 09:10