It is not just politicians that have to worry about fake news today, as a global coffee chain found in mid-August when it was subjected to the #borderfreecoffee hoax. It was supposedly giving free coffee to undocumented migrants, shown in ads with the company logo, signature fonts and pictures of its drinks. It was not.

Other fake news stories among the current top 50 highlighted by the US fact checking site affect a breakfast cereal manufacturer, cruise lines and global soft drinks.

Nicolas Baygert, a Phd Lecturer and member of Protagoras Think Tank is one of the speakers in the Forum session Risk communication in times of change. He says companies need a permanent conversation with their stakeholders so that social media does not take control of the narrative. Nicolas will explain the importance of avoiding rigid crisis communication structures and having flexible response plans, knowing who can keep a cool head and speak for the company according to the circumstances. As he says, each crisis is different and the media response will be different. “The risk manager needs to be a good team leader by knowing how the organisation works and the contact points in all sectors.”

Hugues Le Bret, today Chairman, French-based electronic payment facilitator, Compte-Nickel but previously Director of Communications for Société Générale for 10 years, and Curtis Scott, Head of Insurance Business and Associate General Counsel for Uber Technologies Inc. will share the discussion. They will consider how risk communication is changing in the internet age and ask how we can link communication with risk leadership and education.

Risk communication in times of change, Wednesday 18 October 2017 from 11:00 to 12:00

Published on 08.31.17 at 07:11