Since the financial crisis of 2008, business has acknowledged the dangers of groupthink to creating a healthy risk culture in organisations. The most conspicuous examples were where the board or management became so focussed on commercial success that they ignored evidence of what could go wrong. Groupthink can also go the other way; team members avoid taking risks that could have been managed and provide opportunities.

Since then, a lot of thought has gone into avoiding groupthink. One of most frequent arguments has been to call for more women in leadership positions, because of the very obvious under-representation of women in senior management in almost all business sectors.
The ladies’ lunch at the FERMA Forum gives women in risk management an opportunity to reflect on these issues and share their experiences. Although the FERMA European Risk and Insurance Report 2016 found that men still make up a majority of the risk management profession, women are active in the FERMA board and their national associations.

FERMA board member Isabel Martinez Torre-Enciso will lead speakers from the worlds of risk management and insurance in a discussion of the importance of diversity in risk culture and on diversity in risk management.


Women in risk management lunch

Tuesday 17 October, from 12:30 to 14:00

Published on 09.21.17 at 12:26