The world’s first floating submerged tunnel, an entirely new city metro system and a 2.3km floating bridge are multi-billion euro infrastructure projects with exceptionally complex risk management requirements. Every business has its projects – even if they are not on the scale – and how to keep control of them is the subject of the breakfast meeting for risk professionals under 40.

Led by FERMA board member Ralph Mulder, Insurance and Subsidy Manager, UNIPER Benelux, this session will use major construction schemes to illustrate the many aspects of projects that need risk management knowledge and skills, such as reading and reviewing contracts, managing relationships with risk professionals in other companies involved and deciding where insurance comes into the picture. “After all, on one project you can have 96 lead contractors and 1600 or 2000 people on site who do not all speak the same language,” he says.

Ralph believes learning about the risk management and insurance aspects of large and most complex construction projects will be valuable even for young risk professionals in other sectors.  “These will be transferable skills.”

Speakers Adri van der Waart, Insurance Manager at Arcadis, and Bernadette Hackett, Global Relationship Leader, Zurich, will fill in the detail. Says Adri, “It is about being in control of your project which is more than buying insurance, but you need to understand the insurance, too.”

Bernadette comments, “When dealing with infrastructure concession contracts, there are always some similar questions –who are the influencers? At what point should you engage with a carrier? What value does the carrier bring to the agreement? And when a claim happens how is it dealt with? We feel that it is important to address these questions up-front.”

Young Professional Breakfast

Tuesday 17 October 2017 from 08:00 to 09:00

Published on 08.17.17 at 10:05